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Sushmita is a penultimate year law student at the University of Calcutta and an ADR enthusiast.

Sushmita is a penultimate year law student at the University of Calcutta. She was born and brought up in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. A spiritual person, she loves mantra meditation and practices bhakti yoga. She believes that emotion is the foundation of love and disputes arise when emotions are misguided. Sushmita has always been enthusiastic about Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as it gives her immense satisfaction in helping people reduce their stressful experiences and preserve their existing relationships. Since 2019, she has actively devoted time towards sensitizing people about the benefits of ADR. She participated in Online Lok Adalats conducted by various States in association with Sama. Sushmita received her Mediation and Conciliation Training from Association for India International Mediation and Arbitration Services (AIIMAS). She has worked as a Case Manager in 2000+ cases of Arbitration and Conciliation and is always eagerly looking forward to help more people to the best of her abilities.

See this years agenda
See this years agenda

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How many events are there?

Three, in total! The first event is for future-facing lawyers to find out about ODR and the various opportunities in ODR. This event is in Mumbai at the Taj Lands End Hotel and begins at 10:30am, Nov 21st.

The second event is an invite-only Roundtable Discussion for Senior Executives from Enterprises interested in using ODR. This event is also in Mumbai at the Taj Lands End Hotel and begins at 5pm.

For our Resolutionaries, we have an award ceremony in Bangalore, on 25th November. This event is also open to attend for all law students and lawyers interested in wanting to co-curate the future of dispute resolution in India and beyond.

What will happen at the live workshops?

The Live ODR Workshops are designed to give participants a clear picture of Online Dispute Resolution in realtime. The platform demo will show you the different tools used for resolving disputes online with ease. You will also hear of the several opportunities available to an ODR practitioner and obtain a clearer understanding of the evolving ODR landscape.

What is IMW and what does Sama do?

Indian Mediation Week (IMW) is now in its sixth edition. Although India has over 4.5 crore cases pending (as of May 2022), litigation is still greatly preferred to mediation. The problem is that awareness of mediation is abysmally low. There exists an urgent need to promote mediation as an appropriate method of dispute resolution in India and it is in this context that IMW was born. The sole objective of IMW has been to grow awareness around mediation.

Sama is an Online Dispute Resolution Institution that has worked with over 42 enterprises, 7 states and resolved over 200,000 disputes online. By organizing IMW, Sama aims to bring mediation to the fore and raise awareness about online mediation while also recognizing the efforts of those who use mediation, ADR & ODR to resolve real cases for real people.

What are the networking opportunities?

At both events, in Mumbai and Bangalore, there will be several networking opportunities for lawyers and enterprises. These events are also being conducted at ideal locations for good conversations and meaningful discussions – Taj Lands End Hotel in Mumbai & Bangalore Creative Circus inBangalore. While you snack on delectable food and beverage, you will have ample time to hobnob with professionals in your industry, ODR practitioners, top Resolutionaries and with Team Sama!