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ODR for future facing lawyers Nov 21

The first half of Day One will be devoted to careers and opportunities in ODR.

IMW agenda

Open Forum for Discussion
for Lawyers & ODR Professionals

IMW has always fostered discussions on improving access-to-justice in India. A Large Community Problem requires a Large Community Solution. Join other lawyers in an open discussion on how we can use legal innovation to improve the state of access-to-justice in India. Together we can co-curate what the future of dispute resolution looks like, register now!

Sama ODR Workshop
by Pranjal Sinha & Akshetha Ashok

Learn about Sama, the opportunities in ODR, and see theOnline Dispute Resolution Platform live. Over the last two years, over 42enterprises and 7 states have used this platform for resolving their disputesonline, through mediation, conciliation, arbitration, & online lok adalats.

High Tea and Networking
Taj Land's End, Mumbai

We're kicking off with a High Tea at the Taj Lands End Hotel in Mumbai. Engage with other guests over a delightful set of snacks and beverages. This is also an opportunity to interact with Resolutionaries to understand their journey into ODR. With only 30 slots available, you'll want to register soon.

ODR for future facing enterprises Nov 21

The second half of Day One will be devoted to showcasing how & why enterprises should adopt ODR.

High Tea and Networking
Taj Land's End, Mumbai

With a curated room full of senior executives from leadingenterprises, stakeholders can interact with business leaders across industriesand glean valuable insights. If you are an enterprise interested in attending,email us at info@sama.live.

Roundtable Discussion
by Pranjal Sinha & Akshetha Ashok

A discussion on how technology can help solve for current legal challenges faced by enterprises. Senior Executives from multiple enterprises will share their learnings using ODR and provide context to enterprises keen on adopting ODR. The discussion will be facilitated by Vahura, a company focused on transforming the legal, governance, tax, and compliance sector in India.

High Tea and Networking
Taj Land's End, Mumbai

The invite-only event for Enterprises is an exclusive look into how companies have adopted ODR and what this adoption has led to -faster dispute resolution timelines, positive effects on the balance sheet and higher NPS scores. Sama will showcase its ODR platform and discuss the various use cases ODR can apply to.

Resolutionary Award Ceremony Nov 25

This Day will be devoted to celebrating the Top Resolutionaries.

Resolutionary Award Ceremony and Networking
Bangalore Creative Circus

Join us as we congratulate the Top Resolutionaries of 2022. These individuals comprise of senior advocates, retired judges and young law students, all passionate about ODR and legal innovation. Followed by a delightful dinner of modern Indian fare.

Sama ODR Workshop
by Pranjal Sinha & Akshetha Ashok

Learn about Sama, the opportunities in ODR, and see the Online Dispute Resolution Platform live. Over the last two years, over 42 enterprises and 7 states have used this platform for resolving their disputes online, through mediation, conciliation, arbitration & online lok adalats.

Exploring Bangalore Creative Circus
Bangalore Creative Circus

IMW's Bangalore event is a tad off the beaten path. Bangalore Creative Circus is a breath of fresh air amidst the concrete jungle. The space will be deisgned for you to immerse yourself in ODR, participate in fun, meaningful activities and open to explore. You can read more about the space here.

Get inspired by the industry greats.

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We're passionate about making sure your IMW experience is the best it can be. So whether you're looking to learn from the best and brightest in the industry or just network with like-minded individuals, IMW is the perfect place for you.

We love all things ODR and mediation, so you can be sure you're in good hands. If you're a lawyer or a law student looking to make a career in ODR, this is just what you're looking for. If you're an enterprise looking to catch the ODR wave, we have a separate dedicated invite-only event just for you. It's the ultimate ODR event, packed with insights, opportunities, and much more. Join us in Bombay or Bangalore, see you there!

For Law Students, Lawyers & Enterprises
Actionable Insights from ODR
Career Opportunities
Two live workshops
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We've got the answers for your questions

How many events are there?

Three, in total! The first event is for future-facing lawyers to find out about ODR and the various opportunities in ODR. This event is in Mumbai at the Taj Lands End Hotel and begins at 10:30am, Nov 21st.

The second event is an invite-only Roundtable Discussion for Senior Executives from Enterprises interested in using ODR. This event is also in Mumbai at the Taj Lands End Hotel and begins at 5pm.

For our Resolutionaries, we have an award ceremony in Bangalore, on 25th November. This event is also open to attend for all law students and lawyers interested in wanting to co-curate the future of dispute resolution in India and beyond.

What will happen at the live workshops?

The Live ODR Workshops are designed to give participants a clear picture of Online Dispute Resolution in realtime. The platform demo will show you the different tools used for resolving disputes online with ease. You will also hear of the several opportunities available to an ODR practitioner and obtain a clearer understanding of the evolving ODR landscape.

What is IMW and what does Sama do?

Indian Mediation Week (IMW) is now in its sixth edition. Although India has over 4.5 crore cases pending (as of May 2022), litigation is still greatly preferred to mediation. The problem is that awareness of mediation is abysmally low. There exists an urgent need to promote mediation as an appropriate method of dispute resolution in India and it is in this context that IMW was born. The sole objective of IMW has been to grow awareness around mediation.

Sama is an Online Dispute Resolution Institution that has worked with over 42 enterprises, 7 states and resolved over 200,000 disputes online. By organizing IMW, Sama aims to bring mediation to the fore and raise awareness about online mediation while also recognizing the efforts of those who use mediation, ADR & ODR to resolve real cases for real people.

What are the networking opportunities?

At both events, in Mumbai and Bangalore, there will be several networking opportunities for lawyers and enterprises. These events are also being conducted at ideal locations for good conversations and meaningful discussions – Taj Lands End Hotel in Mumbai & Bangalore Creative Circus inBangalore. While you snack on delectable food and beverage, you will have ample time to hobnob with professionals in your industry, ODR practitioners, top Resolutionaries and with Team Sama!

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